Self Sabotaging, Is it real?

I started a post yesterday on ‘Self Sabotaging’. It’s a term that I hadn’t heard of until recently but the more I read about it the more I realise that I am a self saboteur. I had my day planned out, I sat down to write something and then somehow I found myself rummaging throughContinue reading “Self Sabotaging, Is it real?”

The Sugar Moon and the Start of a new cycle…

Last night there was a Super Moon. Officially it’s known as the ‘Worm Moon’, but the moon in March has had many names… To me it was a ‘Sugar Moon’ because I have been craving all things sweet. I think it’s a combination of stress and tiredness. I’ve been in quite a head funk recently.Continue reading “The Sugar Moon and the Start of a new cycle…”

Kill the Bill and the Spring Equinox

Good morning all, I’ve had a busy weekend so apologies for my post being a day late. This weekend I was protesting. It was one of those strange times in what feels like a sea of endless ‘wtf’ moments…. last year was full of them, this year is shaping up similarly. When an opportunity presentsContinue reading “Kill the Bill and the Spring Equinox”

Detox for the Summer Solstice…

Wow so last night the PM announced some plans to the end of the pandemic restrictions. Giving us a road map and an actual date, 21st June. The longest day of the year, the summer solstice, it’s special for a lot of reasons. What was even stranger was hearing the word nightclub, I don’t evenContinue reading “Detox for the Summer Solstice…”

90’s Grunge photography and a Lush bath…

Morning all, thought I’d do a photography post this morning. I’ve been so busy making music I almost forgot about my photography. With the start of Pisces season, as an Aquarius I’m always a little on edge. There’s something about this season that always makes me feel a little overwhelmed and vulnerable. I’ve been feelingContinue reading “90’s Grunge photography and a Lush bath…”

American pancake stack for Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Well good morning all my lovely bloggers, it’s Valentine’s day. I had an early night last night, bed at 10 pm. What a luxury. I’m definitely in my thirties now, ha! I woke up at 6 am and got a batch of pancakes on the go. I made them with maple syrup and bacon. ItContinue reading “American pancake stack for Valentine’s Day Breakfast”

What I got for my Birthday

Good morning all, how are we all doing today? I have changed my blog theme once again and decided to go back to what I started with. I’ve tried a few themes but this one makes me the happiest. I apologise for keeping on changing things, but I am an Aquarius after all. It’s partContinue reading “What I got for my Birthday”

Be part of the Share the love campaign for Valentine’s Day

I got sent this beautiful Valentine’s Day craft box from Design Bundles and I am just delighted to be sharing this with you all. If there’s one thing I have learnt during this pandemic, it’s that being stuck at home is a lonely experience. If you’re anything like me, I’m currently stuck at home withContinue reading “Be part of the Share the love campaign for Valentine’s Day”

Morning meditation and a New Mini Skirt

My Morning Meditation Morning all, I haven’t been sleeping much lately. I usually get bouts of insomnia before a creative spell and then I burn myself out… I love the creative spell but I’m trying to break the cycle because in all honesty, it gets a little exhausting. I thought the weather looked sunny thisContinue reading “Morning meditation and a New Mini Skirt”