Alfresco Italian’s and All the Vibrant colours of Autumn

It’s nearly the end of half term, the world is still struggling with the pandemic. There’s news of another lock down coming in England. We should of been going to Tunisa last week. It was going to be my daughter’s first time on a plane. I have travelled all over the world with my sonContinue reading “Alfresco Italian’s and All the Vibrant colours of Autumn”

Is my relationship really a relationship?

When I was younger, I had a big heart. I was hurting because I didn’t have a father figure. I’d meet people and I’d go out of my way to help them. I’d literally go to the ends of the earth to please them. My relationships weren’t much better. I always felt I had toContinue reading “Is my relationship really a relationship?”

A Poem about Emotional Abuse.

Emotional Abuse Hurts Love is unconditional. It starts from the heart. It does not create barriers or exercise control. This type of behaviour is bad for your soul. Open your heart to others and feel it flow. Respect peoples boundaries, Let their happiness show, Love picks you up when you are down. It puts youContinue reading “A Poem about Emotional Abuse.”

Believing that you Can Do this

Is there anything more terrifying than taking that leap of faith into the unknown? Should I start a business? Should I leave a relationship? Should I go travelling? Well, today I wanted to talk about the reality behind that, what makes it so difficult and why you should pursue what you put your mind to.Continue reading “Believing that you Can Do this”

Recovering from Emotional Abuse

Wow, well this is a topic I could talk about all day. I have lost count of the Narcissistic friends I’ve had and dysfunctional relationships. Being a survivor of domestic violence has left me with some deeps scars. It makes you realise over time, that you don’t react to things like others do. Sometimes IContinue reading “Recovering from Emotional Abuse”

How To deal with negative people

When I worked in sales we had a name for people who used to talk to you, with no intention of buying things, we used to call them ‘Neg’s’. These are people who waste your time, deliberately. They try to gain power over the conversation and talk about anything they can to distract you fromContinue reading “How To deal with negative people”

How I Manage My Creativity

This is something that took me many years to learn. When I was younger I’d go through creative phases, It almost felt like I was out of control. I remember getting really into Plaster of Paris one year; before I knew it I had twenty different silicone moulds I’d made and an array of sculpturesContinue reading “How I Manage My Creativity”

Have That Winning Mindset.

This is me, embracing my business side. I’m excited about my future and also mastering a new way to think. Gone are those day of self doubt and confidence lacking comments. Now I am going for it and yep, I’m winning. Here’s what I’ve learnt so far… What is a winning mindset? A winning mindsetContinue reading “Have That Winning Mindset.”

What makes a good (blogging) Entrepreneur? 8 Great Working Habits

Have a great attitude. Blogging is your job now so treat it like one. (Although it’s way more fun than anything else you’ve done, right?) Get up early, get dressed, spend your evening’s planning tomorrow’s content instead of staring blankly at the TV. Your attitude is about your actions, your working habits and focus. ItContinue reading “What makes a good (blogging) Entrepreneur? 8 Great Working Habits”


Wow, I have been absolutely inspired by the Mama’s Talk Money online summit yesterday. Never have I been so inspired to be myself and embrace femininity. So many amazing women speaking out and reaching out to females to teach us how to find ourselves and discuss money, whatever your situation is. In particular I lovedContinue reading “Femininity”