Tips to Boost your Mood when you have the Baby Blues

I took these photograph’s yesterday. We are as happy as we seem, but it wasn’t always this way. In fact I’ve suffered with depression whilst raising both my children. I wanted to share something uplifting this morning, so I won’t go into too much detail about my story with postnatal depression today. Instead I wantedContinue reading “Tips to Boost your Mood when you have the Baby Blues”

You need to stop seeing that friend, Stop self doubting

I’ve had many toxic friends over the years. In fact I’ve got to a point in life where I feel doubtful as to whether friends are even real or a good thing. Deep down, I know this is just the hurt talking and when I really sit back and think about it, I might onlyContinue reading “You need to stop seeing that friend, Stop self doubting”

When I met Howard Marks: (CBD) Cookie Recipe

So I wanted to share with you a little recipe this morning. They have been my lock down companions during the pandemic. I’m not a cannabis smoker, but I am a fan of CBD oil. When I was younger I was a huge Howard Marks fan. I met him when I was 20. He reallyContinue reading “When I met Howard Marks: (CBD) Cookie Recipe”

Magical Garden

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Today, I wanted to share somewhere special. It’s a place where I go to reflect on life and of course spend time with family. It’s a place where I feel safe, content and inspired. It’s a beautiful place that I find full of magical energy and whenever I leave IContinue reading “Magical Garden”

Street Representative; A Role in Sales

If anyone is currently looking for work out there in the UK, you might have been contacted by some random employer like I was. The message will read something along the lines of ‘Hey, we read your CV it sounds fantastic, it’s exactly what we’re looking for.’ And if you’re like me you’ll think Great!Continue reading “Street Representative; A Role in Sales”

The Rise And Fall of Success; And Why You Should Keep Trying

This was a huge win for me. Seeing my article published in a magazine that you could hold in your fingers. The day it arrived I remember it arriving at my home in a brown paper envelope. It was still kind of warm when it arrived and it had that smell that new books have,Continue reading “The Rise And Fall of Success; And Why You Should Keep Trying”

How I got confident

Low self esteem is something we all struggle with This is an ongoing battle, not just for me, but for the majority of people. Sometimes even the most confident people aren’t really, they just seem like it… This was always something that baffled me growing up, I would look at really confident people and thinkContinue reading “How I got confident”

Having A Parent With Mental Illness

What it feels like to grow up around mental illness All my parental figures had mental illness of some sorts. My mother struggles with depression, my step-father has PTSD and my father has Schizophrenia. To say my childhood was normal would be an outright lie. It was tough sometimes, I was lonely. I realised fromContinue reading “Having A Parent With Mental Illness”