Starting Today is a Lifestyle & Wellness blog. Sophie, the creator is currently based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. She likes to post articles that encourage a healthy lifestyle, mindset and general wellbeing.

” I have a keen interest in wellbeing and health.

I started off in The Netherlands, before moving to England, where I now reside, in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, which is in the North East of England. In the future I am hoping to travel more of Italy.

I find Newcastle is such an interesting city in England, but I’d love a life out of the city one day so who knows what the future will hold.

There’s always something happening in Newcastle, it’s a great place for kids and they really support the arts and creative communities.

I’m a writer predominantly, but I believe you need more than one creative outlet, just like you need vices. I’m not shy and so I like to dive into all the creative events happening in this little city.

I share with you part of my lifestyle. I hid from myself for quite some time, because I thought creativity was a negative aspect of my character. Now I’m ready to embrace it, along with some health and wellbeing.

I am passionate about confidence building and aim to encourage others to be themselves, always!

If you would like to get in touch to discuss projects feel free…”

In the interest of transparency I would like to disclose that I am an affiliate for Amazon, Get Blogged, Social Cat, Shapely, D’Amazonia and finally, I am an ambassador for BIOHM health. I only endorse brands that I use and trust.


Welcome to the blog, enjoy! Have a look around, and follow any socials for the latest blog updates.