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Sophie M.

I love to stand out, although I wasn’t always that way. I have a mixed depressive and anxiety disorder and it used to make life challenging. Eventually, I found love in being one of a kind and getting creative with it. I’m a photographer and writer, but my two passions are cocktails and astrology! For my poetry and all things astrology check out Mystic Musings.

If you can be anything, always be you!

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro!”

Hunter S Thompson

We like food and good health on this blog!

One shot, two shots, three

I was a chef before I started blogging and I love to share little recipes with you, just ones for soul healing…

Choose wellness. Choose you.

This is my third year of blogging and I hope you like my new website!

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I might not be conventional, but then again I am an Aquarius! My father was a punk singer, I get my rebellious side from him! I blog because I want to show people that you can live a stress free life.