A confident journey into the abyss

Low self esteem is something we all struggle with This is an ongoing battle, not just for me, but for the majority of people. Sometimes even the most confident people aren’t really, they just seem like it… This was always something that baffled me growing up, I would look at really confident people and thinkContinue reading “A confident journey into the abyss”

International woman’s day 2022

Hey, happy international woman’s day everyone! I thought I’d share a quick post today celebrating all the posts I have written about women! I’m also over the moon to have been selected for the Strong female woman’s edit from Get Blogged. You can read it here. 1. Submerged by ambition but moulded by clay 2.Continue reading “International woman’s day 2022”

Be Body Confident, Be Beautiful, Love your Confidence

When I started this blog, I’d just turned 30 and I decided to write a post about finding confidence within, in the hope I could inspire others, I called it a confident journey into the abyss (you can read there here). I talked about my personal journey with low self-esteem and described it as aContinue reading “Be Body Confident, Be Beautiful, Love your Confidence”

Don’t let Social Media Steal your Voice

With the groundbreaking news of Elon Musk and his controversial purchasing of Twitter, I just had to write a post. What a phenomenal turnaround. Just when we’d got to a point of a thousand Facebook ads, the sudden influx of cancel culture and a cesspool of opinions that only counted if you followed the herd-Continue reading “Don’t let Social Media Steal your Voice”

A little Announcement

Good morning everyone, how has your weekend been? I’ve been a busy bee as usual. I did an amazing training course on Saturday morning. It’s really given me the confidence to progress with my business. I’ve got a little announcement to make about something I’ve been working on for the past few days. As youContinue reading “A little Announcement”