Happy New Year, Goodbye 2020!

So it’s not exactly the New Year I thought about having earlier in the year. A big celebration with loads of friends, family and a buffet of nibbles. Even the idea of a microphone seems dangerous at the moment. Instead it’s hands, face, space. The North East has been placed into Tier 4 due toContinue reading “Happy New Year, Goodbye 2020!”

What I got for Christmas 2020

Hey everyone, did you have a good Christmas? I hope so. I’ve had two of the most relaxing days off and drank an astonishing amount of Prosecco. It was just what I needed a little time off and some time to replenish and gather my thoughts. I thought it would be cute to show youContinue reading “What I got for Christmas 2020”

It’s my son’s Birthday, we’ve been shopping, in style.

Wow so today my son turned fourteen. I am just overwhelmed by happiness and joy. I am so very proud of who he is. He really is so mature for his age. He’s handled 2020 like a pro. He’s dressed in his brand new nike air max trainers. His jumper and tracksuit bottoms are fromContinue reading “It’s my son’s Birthday, we’ve been shopping, in style.”