What I got for my Birthday

Good morning all, how are we all doing today? I have changed my blog theme once again and decided to go back to what I started with. I’ve tried a few themes but this one makes me the happiest. I apologise for keeping on changing things, but I am an Aquarius after all. It’s partContinue reading “What I got for my Birthday”

We saw a Reindeer at the Rising Sun

I woke up feeling a bit blue this morning so I decided we should go on a little adventure. The sun was shining and the sky was bright blue. The rising sun was a bit chilly and the ground was muddy. My daughter loved splashing in the puddles in her Peppa Pig wellies. She’s wearingContinue reading “We saw a Reindeer at the Rising Sun”

Superdrug haul and a little walk along the sea front with the family…

I didn’t know how much I missed Shopping Well yesterday I was so hyper. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my mini Vlog. Seriously, I think I’m having shopping withrawal’s. I really didn’t ralise how much I miss shopping. Follow my Instagram account @sophieannmckeever I decided to go shopping in townContinue reading “Superdrug haul and a little walk along the sea front with the family…”

Alfresco Italian’s and All the Vibrant colours of Autumn

It’s nearly the end of half term, the world is still struggling with the pandemic. There’s news of another lock down coming in England. We should of been going to Tunisa last week. It was going to be my daughter’s first time on a plane. I have travelled all over the world with my sonContinue reading “Alfresco Italian’s and All the Vibrant colours of Autumn”

Autumnal Walks and My Pumpkin Biryani

We went for a Sunday stroll yesterday. Oh, how I love this time of year. The leaves are shedding from the trees. The weather is beginning to chill- It’s time for chunky sweaters and warm coats. Pumpkin carving has begun. Halloween is approaching (only one week to go). My daughter is so excited about HalloweenContinue reading “Autumnal Walks and My Pumpkin Biryani”