What I got for my Birthday

Good morning all, how are we all doing today? I have changed my blog theme once again and decided to go back to what I started with. I’ve tried a few themes but this one makes me the happiest. I apologise for keeping on changing things, but I am an Aquarius after all. It’s partContinue reading “What I got for my Birthday”

Rose of Thorns

I thought I’d share a little photography blog today because I haven’t done one of those in a while. It was my birthday yesterday, I turned 31 (my post is a day late due to a lot of cocktails that I drank, my deepest apologies) and I took these photographs with the thought of myContinue reading “Rose of Thorns”

My vintage Sixties Hat from Carnaby Street

Wow, so this is my sixty ninth post! How did that happen? To celebrate I thought I’d do a post on my favourite hat. It’s a vintage. I bought it from a fashion dealer a few years ago. It was made on Carnaby Street in London in the swinging sixties. Carnaby street was the placeContinue reading “My vintage Sixties Hat from Carnaby Street”

Hearty Brunch, some little Art sketches and a Chill out day.

Hi all, today I’ve had a very late start indeed. My daughter slept until 10am this morning. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to have a lay in bed. I feel like a new momma this morning. She woke up full of beans so I made a hearty brunch. Sometimes you just can’t beatContinue reading “Hearty Brunch, some little Art sketches and a Chill out day.”

Why I Take My Kids To Art Galleries

I’ve always been a lover in Art. I remember staying in Paris during the summers as a child. My auntie lived there in a little top floor apartment up a tall spiralling staircase. There was a tiny lift with a metal cage in the centre that was big enough for one person but that rarelyContinue reading “Why I Take My Kids To Art Galleries”


Last month I visited a landmark near where I live called the lady of Northumerlandia. It’s a man made piece of conceptual art and I was blown away by the beauty. The smouldering curves and the natural beauty of the female shape carved into the hill side and covered in swirling stone coloured paths toContinue reading “Northumberlandia”

Stone Circle Fire Pit

I thought I’d share something creative this evening. A few weeks ago my partner Michael and I made a fire pit. I didn’t realise how therapeutic fires were until I had one. There’s something so calming about staring into a wild fire, it’s flames liking the sides of the bowl. The magical range of coloursContinue reading “Stone Circle Fire Pit”