Pink Moon Mediation and Cosmic Easter Blessings

The Libra moon is shining brightly this Easter, and as the Pink Moon hums its presence over us all, I am being guided to go within and meditate. I’ve been listening to sound healing meditation music this morning. It was much needed- Inner work is the most important. I had a busy couple of weeks,Continue reading “Pink Moon Mediation and Cosmic Easter Blessings”

The Snow Moon in February and a new Craft

I love this time of year. February is always a welcome relief after the storms of January, the darkness and the cold. Although there’s no snow on the ground, we’ve got a Snow Moon approaching. Yesterday was a new moon. A new moon is a great time to set intentions. You may also find yourselfContinue reading “The Snow Moon in February and a new Craft”

Wild, Tantalising Transformation

I was having a bath this morning and this little poem just sort of came to me. I always feel charged in the bath. There’s something about being in the water that helps me clear my thoughts and think. Anyway, I was mulling over some thoughts. As an air sign I get stuck in myContinue reading “Wild, Tantalising Transformation”