The dark side of the Aries Moon and Fire manifestations

The Journey of the Fool… There’s a new moon in Aries tonight and it marks the start of the new astrological year. I briefly mentioned it in my post White Fang beanie of complex energies and the start of an astrological new year, (you can read that here). April 1st is also commonly known forContinue reading “The dark side of the Aries Moon and Fire manifestations”

Why you should hire bloggers to grow Your Business

I thought I’d write a post today about how using bloggers to promote products online, can increase sales and encourage business growth. It’s also a great way to drum up support across social media platforms and gets your brand noticed. Which is good, particularly for new businesses. There are many reasons why you should hireContinue reading “Why you should hire bloggers to grow Your Business”

5 ways to Find Bloggers to promote your products

As a blogger, I get asked a lot from clients I have worked with in the past, ‘do you know anyone else that could write a post for me?’ and ‘where can I find more of you? I wish all bloggers were like you.’ While this makes me feel great, it also brings up twoContinue reading “5 ways to Find Bloggers to promote your products”

A Brainstorms Blog Award Nomination

So my morning was made a little brighter this morning when I was nominated for the Brainstorms Award by the most wonderful blogger Rachel who runs Jasperden Health. If you’re passionate about health and well being, go check her out. I love this blog, It’s like an encyclopedia for the benefits of healthy food. #SuperUsefulContinue reading “A Brainstorms Blog Award Nomination”

How to spend your time productively

So I’m ten months into my blogging journey, ten months since I purchased my business domain and made the decision to start a Copywriting business. I’ve had blogs in the past but this time I was determined to commit to my vision and go from blogger to small business owner Starting my own business hasContinue reading “How to spend your time productively”