10 Pandemic tips to Boost your mood

Last night the UK went into a national lockdown, the pandemic is in full effect. The new Delta variant of Covid-19 has really sped up the transmission of it and now we’re 40% more likely to catch it than we were in April… This means that people are back to living indoors, those who areContinue reading “10 Pandemic tips to Boost your mood”

CBD Oil for Acne, My New Skincare Love

Oh my goodness I am absolutely loving CBD skincare. I’ve started using CBD oil morning and night (for 4 weeks) after I cleanse. I apply moisturiser afterwards. This particular brand is from Superdrug. It’s a combination of CBD oil and Inca Inchi Oil. It ‘moisturises and Nourishes and calms the skin’. So what are theseContinue reading “CBD Oil for Acne, My New Skincare Love”