Vintage velvet choker dress to Impress

My latest set of vintage style photographs are trying to catch a nostalgic, I guess kind of American hazy summer. I’ve always been a music lover so I like to draw inspiration from band photographs and in particular the groupies that usually surround them. It’s just a little hobby really. I find photography of theContinue reading “Vintage velvet choker dress to Impress”

Fluffy teddybear coat from April Moon Boutique

Hey everyone, I just couldn’t resist sharing some photo’s with you all of the coat I received today. Zowie, my daughter, yep I gave her an unusual spelling of the name Zoe. I love the name Zoe, and the meaning (life), I just thought spelling it as Zowie was so cute. I am half DutchContinue reading “Fluffy teddybear coat from April Moon Boutique”