Space Alchemy a little album…

I’ve been lost in a world of making electronic music this week. It’s really helping me de- stress. Pandemic life is getting to me a little, as I’m sure it is with everyone else. Sometimes I have to remind myself that we’re all in this together. So I’ve been trying to detox, drink less alcoholContinue reading “Space Alchemy a little album…”

Snowy Days and Time to Play

Wow guys, so I don’t know what it’s like where you are but it’s snowing here. I live by the sea so it rarely snows here (I think it’s because of the salty sea air and the wind), but at the minute it’s deeper than I’ve ever seen it… Of course my toddler is overContinue reading “Snowy Days and Time to Play”

Fearless for 2021 with the Female Entrepreneur Association

Today is international women’s day and I joined the fearless for 2021 challenge with the female entrepreneur association. I don’t normally join groups on Facebook but something just kind of struck me to do it. I’ve been feeling stuck in a rut recently and I’m just hungry for change. I want to shake away allContinue reading “Fearless for 2021 with the Female Entrepreneur Association”

How I Manage My Creativity

This is something that took me many years to learn. When I was younger I’d go through creative phases, It almost felt like I was out of control. I remember getting really into Plaster of Paris one year; before I knew it I had twenty different silicone moulds I’d made and an array of sculpturesContinue reading “How I Manage My Creativity”

Blue Sky Thinking. How to keep creating when you can’t find Inspiration

Today I am brainstorming. I am going out and looking for ideas and inspiration instead of passively waiting for ideas to come to me. Sometimes I get stifled by creativity. Pressure and deadlines can cause more stress and lead to anxiety and ultimately effect my performance. I like the unique aspect of blogging that allowsContinue reading “Blue Sky Thinking. How to keep creating when you can’t find Inspiration”

Why I Take My Kids To Art Galleries

I’ve always been a lover in Art. I remember staying in Paris during the summers as a child. My auntie lived there in a little top floor apartment up a tall spiralling staircase. There was a tiny lift with a metal cage in the centre that was big enough for one person but that rarelyContinue reading “Why I Take My Kids To Art Galleries”