An Energetic Solar eclipse with Pro Plus Ultra

For twenty days I’ve been trying out Pro Plus Ultra, which was sent to me to try out by Pro Plus. I was so excited about being part of the caffeine awareness campaign. I’m no stranger to caffeine- well, actually, I’m a self-professed coffee addict, an extraordinary caffeine guzzler and I know I drink tooContinue reading “An Energetic Solar eclipse with Pro Plus Ultra”

Wild, Tantalising Transformation

I was having a bath this morning and this little poem just sort of came to me. I always feel charged in the bath. There’s something about being in the water that helps me clear my thoughts and think. Anyway, I was mulling over some thoughts. As an air sign I get stuck in myContinue reading “Wild, Tantalising Transformation”

How To deal with negative people

When I worked in sales, as a street representative, we had a name for people who used to talk to you, with no intention of buying things… We used to call them ‘Neg’s’. These are people who waste your time, deliberately. They try to gain power over the conversation and talk about anything they canContinue reading “How To deal with negative people”