The Shaw Academy Online Learning

I recently completed a course with the Shaw Academy studying social media marketing and I’ve been asked by so many of you who it was with. I thought I’d do a little piece on them today because they have helped my business take off so much. I started blogging last year, at the end ofContinue reading “The Shaw Academy Online Learning”

Blogging isn’t a real job

As a relatively new blogger, I’m four months into my blogging journey, I want to put it out there that I have found that there is kind of a stigma around blogging. At first, it came from friends and family, then even my own son, who shouted ‘that’s not a real job’ when I wasContinue reading “Blogging isn’t a real job”

What makes a good (blogging) Entrepreneur? 8 Great Working Habits

So you’ve started a blog or maybe you’ve had one for a while and it’s going well. Your stats are climbing, your bursting with fresh ideas and feeling motivated. What’s next? How do you transition your blog from hobby to business and start making some cash? Well it starts with having great work habits. IfContinue reading “What makes a good (blogging) Entrepreneur? 8 Great Working Habits”