Submerged in ambition, but moulded by clay.

I’ve been thinking a lot about ambition recently. Business, success and ambition all go hand in hand. I was brought up to be a strong woman, one that was told to reach for the stars. I was encouraged to be ambitious as well as educated- it’s an important aspect of life, but with these traits,Continue reading “Submerged in ambition, but moulded by clay.”

Rose of Thorns some thoughts on anti feminism

On feminism… To be or not to be? I thought I’d share a little photography blog today because I haven’t done one of those in a while. It was my birthday yesterday, I turned 31 (for which I consumed a bucket of cocktails) classy I know, and I took these photographs with the thought ofContinue reading “Rose of Thorns some thoughts on anti feminism”

Femininity, Mama’s and Money

Wow, I have been absolutely inspired by the Mama’s Talk Money online summit. A serious of talks I listened to yesterday. Never have I been so inspired to be myself and embrace femininity. So many amazing women speaking out and reaching out to females to teach us how to find ourselves and discuss money, whateverContinue reading “Femininity, Mama’s and Money”