The dark side of the Aries Moon and Fire manifestations

The Journey of the Fool… There’s a new moon in Aries tonight and it marks the start of the new astrological year. I briefly mentioned it in my post White Fang beanie of complex energies and the start of an astrological new year, (you can read that here). April 1st is also commonly known forContinue reading “The dark side of the Aries Moon and Fire manifestations”

Bonfire Night

Well with everything that is happening in the world right now I’m amazed that we haven’t take a leaf out of Guy Fawkes’ Gun Powder Plot in the UK and blown up parliament… We decided to have a little fire and light some sparklers while we wait to find out who America’s next president isContinue reading “Bonfire Night”

Stone Circle Fire Pit

I didn’t realise how therapeutic fires were until I had one. There’s something so calming about staring into a wild fire, it’s flames licking the sides of the bowl. With a magical range of colours in the flames from bold bright beautiful blue to golden amber. The soothing sound of crackling wood and the brightlyContinue reading “Stone Circle Fire Pit”