Pouty for Pisces season and my new Instagram strategy…

Yesterday was the start of dreamy Pisces season. I wanted to do a blog post sooner, but there’s always something about this time of year that rubs me the wrong way a little. Maybe it’s because Pisces is such a vivid dreamer- I always find the transition a little intense. Last year I posted myContinue reading “Pouty for Pisces season and my new Instagram strategy…”

Your Lips, My Lips, Apocalypse… Resolutions

Last year, I shared my New Years Resolutions, in a post called I don’t know why you say, Goodbye I say, Hello. I love that song by the Beatles, other than the ridiculous outfits, the whole song seemed to match the ridiculousness of what was going on in England at the time, Christmas was on,Continue reading “Your Lips, My Lips, Apocalypse… Resolutions”