Golden leaves and 3 Supplements to improve health

Remember all those hazy days, where everything seems just grey, imagine if you could just blow those moods away like the golden and amber leaves of autumn. As December gets even closer, I am reminded to take care of my health. Now is the time to eat healthily as we prepare for winter, to takeContinue reading “Golden leaves and 3 Supplements to improve health”

10 % off Focus Supplements available on Amazon

For 10% off health supplements vitamins and minerals from Focus Supplements, available on Amazon, use code: Starting1 10% off all products from Focus Supplements with this code. A little treat I’ve been given to share with my followers. Visit Focus supplements on Amazon via my Pinterest account 🖤 Follow me on Pinterest for more amazingContinue reading “10 % off Focus Supplements available on Amazon”

The Dark night of the Soul…

I have been taking time out to enjoy the beauty of life around me. The perplexing complexity of nature and enjoying my senses. What’s really struck me though is that my attention is continually being drawn to butterflies, which are ultimately the symbol of transformation. I took my daughter for a walk in the gloriousContinue reading “The Dark night of the Soul…”