10 Pandemic tips to Boost your mood

Last night the UK went into a national lockdown, the pandemic is in full effect. The new Delta variant of Covid-19 has really sped up the transmission of it and now we’re 40% more likely to catch it than we were in April… This means that people are back to living indoors, those who areContinue reading “10 Pandemic tips to Boost your mood”

How To deal with negative people

When I worked in sales, as a street representative, we had a name for people who used to talk to you, with no intention of buying things… We used to call them ‘Neg’s’. These are people who waste your time, deliberately. They try to gain power over the conversation and talk about anything they canContinue reading “How To deal with negative people”

How I Manage My Creativity

This is something that took me many years to learn. When I was younger I’d go through creative phases, It almost felt like I was out of control. I remember getting really into Plaster of Paris one year; before I knew it I had twenty different silicone moulds I’d made and an array of sculpturesContinue reading “How I Manage My Creativity”

What makes a good (blogging) Entrepreneur? 8 Great Working Habits

So you’ve started a blog or maybe you’ve had one for a while and it’s going well. Your stats are climbing, your bursting with fresh ideas and feeling motivated. What’s next? How do you transition your blog from hobby to business and start making some cash? Well it starts with having great work habits. IfContinue reading “What makes a good (blogging) Entrepreneur? 8 Great Working Habits”