Lana Del Rey Inspired 60’s Makeup

Lana I just love Lana Del Rey. She is one of the few Modern artists that I like, which is ironic I guess because she’s inspired by the 60’s and makes 60’s style music. No wonder I’m such a big fan. I watched her new video for the song ‘Chemtrail’s over the Country Club‘ lastContinue reading “Lana Del Rey Inspired 60’s Makeup”

The Star card and the Fool

Last night I found out that my dear school friend has sadly passed away. I am still in shock about it all. It wasn’t the day I had planned to share with you. I am feeling a bit sombre and am filled with sadness. It really wasn’t what I’d expected to happen at all, sheContinue reading “The Star card and the Fool”

Becoming a Mother at sixteen; My story

This is me. I became a mother to my beautiful son Thomas when I was sixteen. I wanted to share this story with you because I had to face so much stigma over the years while I was raising him. I also wanted to share my story because I know how tough it is toContinue reading “Becoming a Mother at sixteen; My story”