Pouty for Pisces season and my new Instagram strategy…

Yesterday was the start of dreamy Pisces season. I wanted to do a blog post sooner, but there’s always something about this time of year that rubs me the wrong way a little. Maybe it’s because Pisces is such a vivid dreamer- I always find the transition a little intense. Last year I posted myContinue reading “Pouty for Pisces season and my new Instagram strategy…”

Instagram Reels: Social Media Update

I’ve been actively growing my social media platforms since I started this blog in September 2020. I started as a total social media newbie, I’d had my Pinterest account as a hobby for years but I didn’t use it to promote myself. My Instagram was a personal account, which I decided to change and startContinue reading “Instagram Reels: Social Media Update”

How to grow Social Media Platforms

It’s been four months (and two weeks) since I started blogging. My, what a long and complicated road it has been full of learning curves, confusion and confidence building. I’ve learnt to believe in myself and shrug off peoples opinions. It turns out a lot of people out there don’t think blogging is a realContinue reading “How to grow Social Media Platforms”