Going self-employed? Here are 10 Things to really Consider

I thought I’d write a post about being self-employed today and the things you should consider before actually going self-employed. I used to dream about having my own business, but the financial implications of leaving a reliable income in my twenties would have been financially devastating. I became a mother at sixteen, so I hadContinue reading “Going self-employed? Here are 10 Things to really Consider”

Income Protection Tips for the Self -Employed…

I think one thing we can all agree on is that nothing is assured to any of us. Over the past year, just like that, the economy changed, people who’d worked for companies for years were being made redundant and anyone working in retail or catering was left in financial chaos… On top of dealingContinue reading “Income Protection Tips for the Self -Employed…”

Tips For First Time Landlords

If you’ve been following me from the beginning you will know that I finally got my foot on the property ladder last summer and bought a little cottage. It’s beautiful and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to do this. It got me thinking though, if I decided to have another child for example,Continue reading “Tips For First Time Landlords”