New lingerie, Jewellery and A Vegan Pizza …

Good Morning I’m having one of those days today where nothing goes to plan but everything seems to work out if that makes any sense? I had a photo shoot planned with my daughter but she stayed up until midnight last night. Parenting can be so tiring… Instead I did some editing on some photograph’s.Continue reading “New lingerie, Jewellery and A Vegan Pizza …”

Marohh Jewellery

I’ve teamed up with Marohh Jewellery and I am so excited to be photographing these minimalist pieces. I love the delicate choker necklace and matching bracelet. It’s become a staple in my wardrobe. It really suits V neck lines and off the shoulder tops. I waited around a week and a half for the delivery,Continue reading “Marohh Jewellery”

Naeyd Jewellery

Hey everyone so I’ve teamed up with Naeyd on Instagram. They asked me to choose something so I picked this little lock and key. I thought it was gorgeous. *This post contains affiliate links* I like how chunky the chain is. It’s gives it a bit of a punk vibe which I LOVE. It’s reallyContinue reading “Naeyd Jewellery”