5 reasons to do an Internship in London…

Have you finished University or College? Are you wondering what to do next? Well here’s 5 reasons why you should start an Internship with the Beyond Academy in London during 2022… Seeing as it’s the year of the Tiger, 2022 is already set to be an auspicious year, one where you should have that go-getterContinue reading “5 reasons to do an Internship in London…”

London calling, a City Break

Some thoughts on Arriving… Busy street hustlers and city slick talkers with an adorable cockney charm, everywhere, surrounding me like a thick smog. That’s right, I went to London, on a budget. Was I going to be pickpocketed like my foreboding auntie had warned? It had been that long since my last visit to London,Continue reading “London calling, a City Break”

I’m all ears, Auris Ear Care

Is there anything worse than an ear infection? I’ve been lucky and have only had a few… The worst was one I got was in Ibiza after swimming in the sea, ouch! I couldn’t hear properly at work for weeks. Ears aren’t exactly on the top of my priority list but they are so important,Continue reading “I’m all ears, Auris Ear Care”