The White Fang Beanie of Complex energies as we start a new astrological Year

So the full moon in Virgo is happening tomorrow, it’s also thought to be the start of the new astrological year soon. This full moon is thought to have a strong impact on us so get prepared! With a focus on shedding what no longer serves us, cleansing our lives of negative energies for theContinue reading “The White Fang Beanie of Complex energies as we start a new astrological Year”

How I style my vintage looks

I’ve had the most wonderful Easter off and I am feeling recharged and ready to go. I thought I’d do a vintage style photo shoot and talk about how I style my looks. I’ve always been a lover of vintage clothes. If you’re new here you wont know that, but I hunt down vintage styleContinue reading “How I style my vintage looks”

60’s Style Bedroom Eyes- Make-up look

Seeing as I’ve got some new lingerie on the way to review from the lovely Tutti Rouge, I thought I’d try out some new make-up looks. Today I am just feeling 60’s. I woke up with break on through to the other side stuck in my head. I found an island in your arms CountryContinue reading “60’s Style Bedroom Eyes- Make-up look”

Lana Del Rey Inspired 60’s Makeup

Lana I just love Lana Del Rey. She is one of the few Modern artists that I like, which is ironic I guess because she’s inspired by the 60’s and makes 60’s style music. No wonder I’m such a big fan. I watched her new video for the song ‘Chemtrail’s over the Country Club‘ lastContinue reading “Lana Del Rey Inspired 60’s Makeup”