What I got for my Birthday

Good morning all, how are we all doing today? I have changed my blog theme once again and decided to go back to what I started with. I’ve tried a few themes but this one makes me the happiest. I apologise for keeping on changing things, but I am an Aquarius after all. It’s partContinue reading “What I got for my Birthday”

A Cold Walk on the Beach and some thoughts on Motherhood and Working

Yesterday I went for a walk on the beach with my partner Michael and my daughter, Zowie. My Partner has the week off work, which never happens. He’s a work-a-holic for sure. So was I, but I’ve relaxed a bit since I had my baby girl. I think that’s why we make such a goodContinue reading “A Cold Walk on the Beach and some thoughts on Motherhood and Working”

A Day with My Daughter and Some Photography

I love that my daughter is fascinated by the camera. It fills me with absolute joy. She occasionally has days where she gets sick of me photographing her. I can understand why. As a parent I sometimes feel guilty, I feel like I should be playing with her instead of pointing a camera at her.Continue reading “A Day with My Daughter and Some Photography”

Becoming a Mother at sixteen; My story

This is me. I became a mother to my beautiful son Thomas when I was sixteen. I wanted to share this story with you because I feel like I had to face so much stigma over the years while I was raising him. I also wanted to share my story because I know how toughContinue reading “Becoming a Mother at sixteen; My story”

Mama’s Talk Money

I am so excited about this! I got my ticket the other day. It’s an online event, webinars with successful mama’s, life and financial coaches, bloggers and business women talking about how they made money and became finacialy independent. I’m looking forward to meeting some mama bloggers too. It’s definitely been a challenge looking afterContinue reading “Mama’s Talk Money”

A Photo Shoot of Me and My Daughter

I dabbled in some modelling when I was in my teens but as I’m only a tiny 5 ft 2 my modelling was cut short. Pun intended. I’m curvy too so even when I was super skinny there was no hiding my hour glass shape. Apparently big bums are all the rage now so I’mContinue reading “A Photo Shoot of Me and My Daughter”

Tips to Boost your Mood when you have the Baby Blues

I took these photograph’s yesterday. We are as happy as we seem, but it wasn’t always this way. In fact I’ve suffered with depression whilst raising both my children. I wanted to share something uplifting this morning, so I won’t go into too much detail about my story with postnatal depression today. Instead I wantedContinue reading “Tips to Boost your Mood when you have the Baby Blues”