The Shaw Academy Online Learning

I recently completed a course with the Shaw Academy studying social media marketing and I’ve been asked by so many of you who it was with. I thought I’d do a little piece on them today because they have helped my business take off so much. I started blogging last year, at the end ofContinue reading “The Shaw Academy Online Learning”

90’s Grunge photography and a Lush bath…

Morning all, thought I’d do a photography post this morning. I’ve been so busy making music I almost forgot about my photography. With the start of Pisces season, as an Aquarius I’m always a little on edge. There’s something about this season that always makes me feel a little overwhelmed and vulnerable. I’ve been feelingContinue reading “90’s Grunge photography and a Lush bath…”

Happy New Year, Goodbye 2020!

So it’s not exactly the New Year I thought about having earlier in the year. A big celebration with loads of friends, family and a buffet of nibbles. Even the idea of a microphone seems dangerous at the moment. Instead it’s hands, face, space. The North East has been placed into Tier 4 due toContinue reading “Happy New Year, Goodbye 2020!”

New IPhone 11 and the Age of Aquarius

So I am absolutely lusting over my partners new IPhone 11. He got it in black. It just arrived today. I will have to borrow it and take some photographs. I want to see what the camera is like. I am so excited. I really LOVE that feeling when you get a new phone. I’mContinue reading “New IPhone 11 and the Age of Aquarius”

Bonfire Night

Well with everything that is happening in the world right now I’m amazed that we haven’t take a leaf out of Guy Fawkes’ Gun Powder Plot in the UK and blown up parliament… We decided to have a little fire and light some sparklers while we wait to find out who America’s next president isContinue reading “Bonfire Night”