Carpet Diem and the Meter Squared Matrix

Non Ducor, Duco… So I have a list of things that I never want to do again: 1. Ketamine – I was at a party and someone told me it was coke. I got greedy. My own fault. 2. Carpet fitting I’ll admit it’s not a very long list. There’s a lot of stuff thatContinue reading “Carpet Diem and the Meter Squared Matrix”

New IPhone 11 and the Age of Aquarius

So I am absolutely lusting over my partners new IPhone 11. He got it in black. It just arrived today. I will have to borrow it and take some photographs. I want to see what the camera is like. I am so excited. I really LOVE that feeling when you get a new phone. I’mContinue reading “New IPhone 11 and the Age of Aquarius”


Wow, I have been absolutely inspired by the Mama’s Talk Money online summit yesterday. Never have I been so inspired to be myself and embrace femininity. So many amazing women speaking out and reaching out to females to teach us how to find ourselves and discuss money, whatever your situation is. In particular I lovedContinue reading “Femininity”

A little Cottage In Alston and The storm; When I turned 30

This is me, on my 30th Birthday, it’s the 7th of February, the wind outside is bitter. The pandemic hasn’t happened yet, there’s news of a few people who are ill in China, awful news but the seriousness of it all doesn’t seem real yet. My friend who’s with us in the car reads outContinue reading “A little Cottage In Alston and The storm; When I turned 30”