Submerged in ambition, but moulded by clay.

I’ve been thinking a lot about ambition recently. Business, success and ambition all go hand in hand. I was brought up to be a strong woman, one that was told to reach for the stars. I was encouraged to be ambitious as well as educated- it’s an important aspect of life, but with these traits,Continue reading “Submerged in ambition, but moulded by clay.”

5 Marketing Tips for Senior Small Business Owners

Guest Post by the amazing Boomer Biz Are you retired? Have you started a business or side hustle? Here are 5 Marketing Tips for Senior Small Business owners. Have you decided to start a small business during retirement? Many seniors become entrepreneurs after leaving the workforce, simply because they still have interests and goals theyContinue reading “5 Marketing Tips for Senior Small Business Owners”

7 ways to Own your Confidence

I was thinking earlier about the unknown. That unfathomable feeling of moving into new territory and not knowing what will happen when you get there, but just having trust within yourself that everything will work out. In my case, it’s been starting a business. It’s been taking that leap of faith, from dreaming about itContinue reading “7 ways to Own your Confidence”