Dark and moody moon full of Pisces

So I find myself casually grazing social media less and less these days. I feel like an outsider or perhaps I’m a stalker. I find very little interest in what the world is doing right now. I’ve gone a bit insular and am mainly focused on myself. Selfish? Not at all. 2021 has brought usContinue reading “Dark and moody moon full of Pisces”

90’s Grunge photography and a Lush bath…

Pisces season and Spiritual baths… Morning all thought I’d do a photography post this morning. I’ve been so busy making music I almost forgot about my photography. With the start of Pisces season, as an Aquarius, I’m always a little on edge. There’s something about this season that always makes me feel a little overwhelmedContinue reading “90’s Grunge photography and a Lush bath…”