Advice for my younger self, love is like a picnic in a Lunatic Asylum…

I started working on a collection of poetry under the Virgo full moon. I had an urge to write and decided to start writing in a notebook I was given for my birthday. It’s navy blue with golden pages and my pen was on it like a magnet. The intensity and urge to write wasContinue reading “Advice for my younger self, love is like a picnic in a Lunatic Asylum…”

Springtime procrastination, an awakening from a deep sleep…

I’m procrastinating this springtime morning- instead, I’m being drawn to the lyrics of music. I get like that occasionally, buzzing with thoughts but unable to focus. I usually wake up with song lyrics stuck in my head, or sometimes poetry… This morning in particular I was in a vintage mood. I kept thinking of songsContinue reading “Springtime procrastination, an awakening from a deep sleep…”

The Star Gazing Aquarius Aura…

I woke up and the wind outside was wild, roaring past the house and lashing in every direction. I love when the weather is like that, it kind of reminds me of myself, but then again, it is Aquarius season, the rebel of the zodiac, the trailblazing warrior spirit, the free thinker and the starContinue reading “The Star Gazing Aquarius Aura…”

Shining Bright with a Positivity Project in Pink

January is always a difficult month for me, last year in particular was so bleak, I was depressed, unhappy and miserable. I decided I needed a positivity project, so I started making electronic music and posting it on Soundcloud. Hey, it wasn’t great, but I really enjoyed making it, I wrote my post on aContinue reading “Shining Bright with a Positivity Project in Pink”

Single Mothers are not Monsters

I wrote a poem today about being a single mother. I’m not sure why but it’s been mulling in my mind for quite some time and it’s been a while since I shared a poem on this blog. I shared my story about becoming a mother at sixteen last year, and I was a singleContinue reading “Single Mothers are not Monsters”