A Song called Tarot Love…

My head has been in the clouds, for weeks, I guess my energy must of got zapped a little and I needed to replenish and recharge. I don’t listen to my body, even if my brain is in a chaotic fog, I still try to push through it and stay busy. Sometimes I wish IContinue reading “A Song called Tarot Love…”

Space Alchemy a little album…

I’ve been lost in a world of making electronic music this week. It’s really helping me de- stress. Pandemic life is getting to me a little, as I’m sure it is with everyone else. Sometimes I have to remind myself that we’re all in this together. So I’ve been trying to detox, drink less alcoholContinue reading “Space Alchemy a little album…”

An Aquarius in Deep Water

I’m feeling the frosty cold this morning. I’m waiting for the snow. I can’t wait to hear that crunch of my boots on the soft white ground. I want to see my daughters face when she sees snow for the first time. When I look at her beautiful face I see so much of myselfContinue reading “An Aquarius in Deep Water”

A Little Poem On Transformation

I was having a bath this morning and this little poem just sort of came to me. I always feel charged in the bath. There’s something about being in the water that helps me clear my thoughts and think. Anyway I was mulling over some thoughts. I’ve been listening to a lot of talks recentlyContinue reading “A Little Poem On Transformation”

An old notebook filled with Poetry…

It’s Saturday, already. How did that happen? I haven’t posted much this week. My partner has been off work, for once, so I’ve been enjoying some family time. We’ve been sorting out the house ready for Christmas. Although I’m not allowed to mention it yet. While I was sorting out one of those boxes thatContinue reading “An old notebook filled with Poetry…”

A Poem about Emotional Abuse.

Emotional Abuse Hurts Love is unconditional. It starts from the heart. It does not create barriers or exercise control. This type of behaviour is bad for your soul. Open your heart to others and feel it flow. Respect peoples boundaries, Let their happiness show, Love picks you up when you are down. It puts youContinue reading “A Poem about Emotional Abuse.”

Wild Flowers

I’d like to share with you a poem I have written. My mind has been bursting with creativity lately. Photo’s are from Spring 2020. WILD FLOWERS Light bearer; Venus of violet Sympathy, cover paler blue a garden In mourning. Drain our energy And begin this March, spring up, Moving ribbon of indigo light, On aContinue reading “Wild Flowers”

Pearls of Beauty

I’m feeling a bit of Marilyn Monroe today, she was just beautiful wasn’t she? Wow. I love these photographs of her. They just capture her presence so well. I wrote another poem last night. I’ve called it Pearls. I was kind of inspired by these photos. I hope you enjoy. This tick of time sipsContinue reading “Pearls of Beauty”