Shining Bright with a Positivity Project in Pink

January is always a difficult month for me, last year in particular was so bleak, I was depressed, unhappy and miserable. I decided I needed a positivity project, so I started making electronic music and posting it on Soundcloud. Hey, it wasn’t great, but I really enjoyed making it, I wrote my post on aContinue reading “Shining Bright with a Positivity Project in Pink”

5 Ways to stay Super Positive with Affirmations

Affirmations are a bit of a buzzword at the moment, they seem to be everywhere, but what are affirmations and why have they become so popular? The power of positive thinking has long been associated with success in business. It’s no secret that the businesses that have truly believed in success are ultimately the onesContinue reading “5 Ways to stay Super Positive with Affirmations”

How To deal with negative people

When I worked in sales, as a street representative, we had a name for people who used to talk to you, with no intention of buying things… We used to call them ‘Neg’s’. These are people who waste your time, deliberately. They try to gain power over the conversation and talk about anything they canContinue reading “How To deal with negative people”