Rainbow Sushi; Brain food for kids

We were stuck in the house today because of the rain so I decided to get creative and make some Sushi. My kids love anything that they get to help mummy with and these are so healthy. They’re perfect if your kids start to get ‘bored’ and they encourage your kids to try new flavours.Continue reading “Rainbow Sushi; Brain food for kids”

My two ingredient healthy Pizza Dough.

I decided to take a little break from writing yesterday and go for an adventure with my daughter at the Rising Sun Country Park. We’ve just moved to the area where we’re currently living so there’s lots of new little walks to explore. It felt good getting out in nature. There’s something so humbling aboutContinue reading “My two ingredient healthy Pizza Dough.”

Auburn and Teal Autumn Treats

As it’s Autumn, I am always in awe of firey colours and their contrasts. Although I’m not great with the chilly weather it is at least one positive of the changing season. I’ve been pampering myself, and spoiling myself with lots of treats this Autumn, getting ready for winter. I made my first attempt atContinue reading “Auburn and Teal Autumn Treats”

When I met Howard Marks: (CBD) Cookie Recipe

So I wanted to share with you a little recipe this morning. They have been my lock down companions during the pandemic. I’m not a cannabis smoker, but I am a fan of CBD oil. When I was younger I was a huge Howard Marks fan. I met him when I was 20. He reallyContinue reading “When I met Howard Marks: (CBD) Cookie Recipe”