Love is Blind by Design…

Yesterday was the first time in weeks I’ve actually felt like taking some photographs. I’ve been in such a creative slump recently. I’ve been unable to write any new content and my photography impulses come and go, but I finally got around to photographing a set worthy of a blog post yesterday so I’m feelingContinue reading “Love is Blind by Design…”

10 Pandemic tips to Boost your mood

Last night the UK went into a national lockdown, the pandemic is in full effect. The new Delta variant of Covid-19 has really sped up the transmission of it and now we’re 40% more likely to catch it than we were in April… This means that people are back to living indoors, those who areContinue reading “10 Pandemic tips to Boost your mood”

When you’re just ‘too much’ to handle- Living with a Big Personality.

The lows… I don’t know about you, but being creative isn’t always the glamorous life it’s painted to be. I have real up’s and down’s, high’s and low’s. I’m sensitive and I feel too deeply. I get hurt a lot, I worry too much and I change frequently. I self medicate. I don’t always getContinue reading “When you’re just ‘too much’ to handle- Living with a Big Personality.”

Aquarius Energy

I’ve been really creative recently. November is usually a sad time for me. Six years ago my best friend Louise committed suicide, 14th November 2014…. November isn’t usually my month, but this year I am bursting with creativity. My friend Louise was an artist. Her second name was Paisley. Like the pattern. She was studyingContinue reading “Aquarius Energy”