Exploring the coast at Marsden Rock

Yesterday I had the most wonderful day out with my daughter at Marsden Rock, South Shields, and visited a little seafood restaurant called the Grotto. It sits on the beach and over looks the gorgeous pastel backdrop of amber and blue hues. It was just stunning. My daughter excited to be out and about, contentlyContinue reading “Exploring the coast at Marsden Rock”

Hazy Beach Daze, Motherhood and the Eternal Sand

How I’ve missed the warm sunshine and the cold waves licking at my toes. I can still remember this day last year. I woke up filled with a heavy kind of fog that surrounded and engulfed me, a heavy feeling that I just couldn’t shake. I wanted to be hopeful for the year ahead. IContinue reading “Hazy Beach Daze, Motherhood and the Eternal Sand”

Rock Pooling and chicken noodle soup

Last week was the autumnal equinox. My most favourite time of year. I love the red hues and amber leaves that start to show and the shift from summer into the next season. It’s a time for warm jumpers, roasted vegetables and of course Halloween. I decided to take my little girl rock pooling toContinue reading “Rock Pooling and chicken noodle soup”