Don’t let Social Media Steal your Voice

With the groundbreaking news of Elon Musk and his controversial purchasing of Twitter, I just had to write a post. What a phenomenal turnaround. Just when we’d got to a point of a thousand Facebook ads, the sudden influx of cancel culture and a cesspool of opinions that only counted if you followed the herd-Continue reading “Don’t let Social Media Steal your Voice”

Enter the Dragon and an abundant Full Moon in Virgo

I’m bursting with energy and the fever of a dragon this morning. I’m not sure whether it’s the change in seasons or the start of a new lunar phase but, I am more determined than ever. I was reading about dragons this morning and their symbology in Chinese culture and they seemed fitting for what’sContinue reading “Enter the Dragon and an abundant Full Moon in Virgo”

Springtime procrastination, an awakening from a deep sleep…

I’m procrastinating this springtime morning- instead, I’m being drawn to the lyrics of music. I get like that occasionally, buzzing with thoughts but unable to focus. I usually wake up with song lyrics stuck in my head, or sometimes poetry… This morning in particular I was in a vintage mood. I kept thinking of songsContinue reading “Springtime procrastination, an awakening from a deep sleep…”

Rejuvenation for the Spring Equinox

With the start of spring on the horizon, I thought I’d write a post about rejuvenation and self-care today. As the winter ends and life starts to burst around us, just like the bulbs underground that have sprouted and now are beginning to surface, peaking their heads above the soil, I am reminded of theContinue reading “Rejuvenation for the Spring Equinox”

Pouty for Pisces season and my new Instagram strategy…

Yesterday was the start of dreamy Pisces season. I wanted to do a blog post sooner, but there’s always something about this time of year that rubs me the wrong way a little. Maybe it’s because Pisces is such a vivid dreamer- I always find the transition a little intense. Last year I posted myContinue reading “Pouty for Pisces season and my new Instagram strategy…”