60’s Style Bedroom Eyes- Make-up look

Seeing as I’ve got some new lingerie on the way to review from the lovely Tutti Rouge, I thought I’d try out some new make-up looks. Today I am just feeling 60’s. I woke up with break on through to the other side stuck in my head. I found an island in your arms CountryContinue reading “60’s Style Bedroom Eyes- Make-up look”

Lana Del Rey Inspired 60’s Makeup

Lana I just love Lana Del Rey. She is one of the few Modern artists that I like, which is ironic I guess because she’s inspired by the 60’s and makes 60’s style music. No wonder I’m such a big fan. I watched her new video for the song ‘Chemtrail’s over the Country Club‘ lastContinue reading “Lana Del Rey Inspired 60’s Makeup”

It’s my son’s Birthday, we’ve been shopping, in style.

Wow, so today my son turned fourteen. I am just overwhelmed by happiness and joy. I am so very proud of who he is. He really is so mature for his age. He’s handled 2020 like a pro. He’s dressed in his brand new Nike air-max trainers. His jumper and tracksuit bottoms are from Gymshark.Continue reading “It’s my son’s Birthday, we’ve been shopping, in style.”

My Sixties Vintage Hat from Carnaby Street

Wow, so this is my sixty ninth post! How did that happen? To celebrate I thought I’d do a post on my favourite hat. It’s a vintage. I bought it from a fashion dealer a few years ago. It was made on Carnaby Street in London in the swinging sixties. Carnaby street was the placeContinue reading “My Sixties Vintage Hat from Carnaby Street”