Pouty for Pisces season and my new Instagram strategy…

Yesterday was the start of dreamy Pisces season. I wanted to do a blog post sooner, but there’s always something about this time of year that rubs me the wrong way a little. Maybe it’s because Pisces is such a vivid dreamer- I always find the transition a little intense. Last year I posted myContinue reading “Pouty for Pisces season and my new Instagram strategy…”

My New Pinterest Strategy and Party Frocks

Happy New Year! Thought I’d start 2022 by sharing my new Pinterest strategy. I’ve built up my blog from scratch and learned the hard way through trial and error what really works across my social media platforms. I like to share social media strategies once in a while on my blog, that have helped myContinue reading “My New Pinterest Strategy and Party Frocks”

Instagram Reels: Social Media Update

I’ve been actively growing my social media platforms since I started this blog in September 2020. I started as a total social media newbie, I’d had my Pinterest account as a hobby for years but I didn’t use it to promote myself. My Instagram was a personal account, which I decided to change and startContinue reading “Instagram Reels: Social Media Update”

How to grow Social Media Platforms

It’s been four months (and two weeks) since I started blogging. My, what a long and complicated road it has been full of learning curves, confusion and confidence building. I’ve learnt to believe in myself and shrug off peoples opinions. It turns out a lot of people out there don’t think blogging is a realContinue reading “How to grow Social Media Platforms”

Blogging isn’t a real job

As a relatively new blogger, I’m four months into my blogging journey, I want to put it out there that I have found that there is kind of a stigma around blogging. At first, it came from friends and family, then even my own son, who shouted ‘that’s not a real job’ when I wasContinue reading “Blogging isn’t a real job”