A Beautiful Bouquet of Stargazing Lillies and Purple Roses…

I am absolutely delighted to be reviewing this bouquet from Haute Florists. What a delight it is to have my home filled with the sweet scent of springtime flowers. I was sent the Paris Bouquet filled with Oriental Stargazer Lillies, deep purple Roses and white Chrysanthemums… I think the relaxing fragrance has really helped toContinue reading “A Beautiful Bouquet of Stargazing Lillies and Purple Roses…”

Springtime procrastination, an awakening from a deep sleep…

I’m procrastinating this springtime morning- instead, I’m being drawn to the lyrics of music. I get like that occasionally, buzzing with thoughts but unable to focus. I usually wake up with song lyrics stuck in my head, or sometimes poetry… This morning in particular I was in a vintage mood. I kept thinking of songsContinue reading “Springtime procrastination, an awakening from a deep sleep…”

Rejuvenation for the Spring Equinox

With the start of spring on the horizon, I thought I’d write a post about rejuvenation and self-care today. As the winter ends and life starts to burst around us, just like the bulbs underground that have sprouted and now are beginning to surface, peaking their heads above the soil, I am reminded of theContinue reading “Rejuvenation for the Spring Equinox”

Kill the Bill and the Spring Equinox

Good morning all, I’ve had a busy weekend so apologies for my post being a day late. This weekend I was protesting. It was one of those strange times in what feels like a sea of endless ‘wtf’ moments…. last year was full of them, this year is shaping up similarly. When an opportunity presentsContinue reading “Kill the Bill and the Spring Equinox”