Should I start a Blog?

Writing is a hard career choice, but if you’re a blogger or thinking about starting one I’m guessing you already know that… I thought I’d write a post today about my blogging experience and share why I started a blog. Firstly though I’ll explain a little about myself and my writing… I grabbed myself aContinue reading “Should I start a Blog?”

I don’t know why you say, Goodbye I say, hello

Hello! (emphasis on the Hell part) So it’s not exactly the New Year I thought about having earlier in the year. A big celebration with loads of friends, family and a buffet of cocktails. Even the idea of a microphone seems dangerous at the moment. Instead it’s hands, face, space. The North East of EnglandContinue reading “I don’t know why you say, Goodbye I say, hello”

Have That Winning Mindset.

This is me, embracing my business side. I’m excited about my future and also of mastering a new way to think. Gone are those day of self-doubt and confidence lacking thoughts. Now I am going for it and yep, I’m winning. Here’s what I’ve learned so far… What is a winning mindset? A winning mindsetContinue reading “Have That Winning Mindset.”

A confident journey into the abyss

Low self esteem is something we all struggle with This is an ongoing battle, not just for me, but for the majority of people. Sometimes even the most confident people aren’t really, they just seem like it… This was always something that baffled me growing up, I would look at really confident people and thinkContinue reading “A confident journey into the abyss”