The White Fang Beanie of Complex energies as we start a new astrological Year

So the full moon in Virgo is happening tomorrow, it’s also thought to be the start of the new astrological year soon. This full moon is thought to have a strong impact on us so get prepared! With a focus on shedding what no longer serves us, cleansing our lives of negative energies for theContinue reading “The White Fang Beanie of Complex energies as we start a new astrological Year”

Stunning Wedding Invitations to Get Your Glow Up

Never did I think that I would be saying “I’m engaged“, but at Christmas, my partner John proposed to me. So now I get to start planning for my big day and where better to start than at the beginning with the wedding invitations. We haven’t set a date yet, but nothing makes me happierContinue reading “Stunning Wedding Invitations to Get Your Glow Up”

Valentine’s Day Glam with Daisy London

I am so excited for Valentine’s Day this year. I still can’t believe I’m engaged, how’d that happen? and I am absolutely delighted to be working with Daisy London! I love that I’m starting 2022 with so much new jewellery. An engagement ring and now these gorgeous 18ct Gold plated earrings from Daisy London. ToContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Glam with Daisy London”

Vintage velvet choker dress to Impress

My latest set of vintage style photographs are trying to catch a nostalgic, I guess kind of American hazy summer. I’ve always been a music lover so I like to draw inspiration from band photographs and in particular the groupies that usually surround them. It’s just a little hobby really. I find photography of theContinue reading “Vintage velvet choker dress to Impress”