Photography Skills and How To Improve Them

Six months ago I got my first Camera. It’s quite old and nothing special, it’s a Pentax digital camera, but it was an exciting moment that I’m sure I’ll remember for years to come. My parents bought it for me as a gift. It was one of those amazing moments that eventually led me toContinue reading “Photography Skills and How To Improve Them”

How to cope with Temper Tantrums in Public

The Day it Began A public temper tantrum is every parent’s worst nightmare… I love my little button Zowie. She is super determined, strong-willed and confident. These are amazing things, but when she gets frustrated she has some all-mighty tantrums. The other day I took her shopping. I could see she was tired, I’d madeContinue reading “How to cope with Temper Tantrums in Public”